The Blue House (Cheong Wa Dae)

It was Summer of July when I visited Seoul, South Korea. I used to call it a crazy weather. One day it was scorching hot then the next thing you’ll just find yourself sipping coffee in corner of a shop while waiting for the outside rain to stop.  I Spend 10 days sight-seeing, taking random photos, trying every bits of everything that I can see and eat, taking train like local, crash every cafe, taking the long narrow roads not knowing where it leads me and inhaling the scent of Seoul that becomes so distinctive and addictive. Fall in love. Fall out of love. Left couples of letters and writings on the wall because that’s what I’m good at. Send a postcard to myself telling myself that I did great (at the least) and embraced the culture that is so unfamiliar to me.

These are the crazy things I did when I was in Seoul.

  1. 19905012_1235029426624348_4481433623712681028_nStaying in Osan. I stayed 4 days in Osan, Gyeonggi-do at a friend’s house. It was a nice place. A quiet province with a lot of buildings but a very few people to encounter. A bit far. Takes me an hour by train to reach Seoul. But I like the place. It’s so silent and not so overcrowded. Suits me well. But I don’t want to be a burden to my friend so I decided to leave and take a guesthouse in Gangnam. I never said my goodbye in person but I did say I appreciated the comfort and welcoming atmosphere. I left postcard on that house. Haven’t read it?





2. Having a cup of coffee at Haru and One day almost everyday.

I’ve been having my cup of coffee at this cafe to have a glimpse of Lee Donghae but in my own disappointment I never had that one in a lifetime chance.


3. Experience the Joseon Dynasty in Gyeongbokgung Palace. I love watching Sageuk ( historical films and drama in South Korea). That’s why I always wanted to explore and visit this place. It’s like stepping  foot in history. Very Classic and informative.


The place is so huge and mostly pack with tourist. Some of the visitors will wear hanbok  (traditional costume) and that makes the palace looks perfect.

4.  DMZ tour.

I booked my tour in the guesthouse that I stayed in. And it was a rainy saturday when the tour left Seoul. It takes 1 hour to reach Paju.


One place that would always pierced me. I came to the place because I was always curious. I arrived here hungry for an experience but I left with a very emotional heart.


Along the way you can see the river that separates the South from North Korea with a baricades and a soldier post in every 100 meters of barbed wires.


5. Learn to knot at Dong Lin knot house.

Along the traditional houses in Bonchon Hanok Village you can find one shop in which you can learn how to make your own trinket. I once found this article on the blog and I manage to locate the shop.

The place is so quiet. And It’s my first time to enter a hanok (traditional korean house). I was welcomed by a lady, who in my opinion is the curatoor of the place. I told her I am here to learn the basic of bracelet making (since I love everything handmade).



I was asked to pick 7 knots (I choose pink, purple and gray) and she teaches me how to make one using a hook and  strings. Honestly I find it really difficult to finish one but I really enjoyed it while sitting on a warm wooden floor.


Photography isn’t allowed inside the shop but I was able to take some photos while the owner is not looking.

The place is a small museum for traditional korean decors such as fans, norigae (korean accesory), pouches and many more. If you like traditional keepsakes this place is the best place for you.


My finished product.





10, Bukchon-ro 12-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 종로구 북촌로12길 10 (가회동)



6. Share my frustration in Namsam Tower.

We all know N’Seoul Tower is one of those places that people especially couples love to visit make wishes, locked their wishes and spend their 100 days together.’

And because I traveled solo that makes me realized this place isn’t meant for traveler like me. I feel like a lost soul in here.


Found myself buying one of those heart chain and wrote my wish and hoping one day this place will grant it for me as well (there’s still hope in that).




There are tons and tons of lockets in this place. Locked on every corners. I wonder how many wishes was granted in here. How many frustrations had been made (like myslef), how many couples ended up together and how many just ended.



The panoramic view from the top. N’Seoul is located on the top of the mountain overlooking Seoul. It was raining on that day and the place is full of fog and a bit        cold.


DSC02797    DSC02783



7. Visit wiki cafe before it closes down.



I never really intended to visit Sungmin’s cafe because I don’t want to run into him. But a year after I visited I learned that the place closes down and on that moment I finally understood why my feet leads me to it. Maybe I’m one of those last fans to visit. No wonder when I step inside it feels so lonely. It feels so different.

My usual. A latte.

Going in here makes me realized how immature I’ve been this past years. But with a cup of latte I overcome my issues.





8. Eat lunch in my favorite place everyday.




I found a small place in Insadong in which I find very comfortable eating alone.




The place that really suits me well. Not too crowded and a very simple restaurant. Although they have limited option for food but the taste is very satisfying. A very classic korean menu.



I’m having my lunch in this place almost everyday. The staffs are so nice. The Ajumma and Ajussi that runs the place is very friendly. Although they can’t speak english very well but they are so accommodating.

I am a person who once I love the place I’ll come back again and again. I like those places which has a very comfortable feeling. The feeling of being welcomed and satisfying is the most thing I’m always looking for.



9. Window shop in Myeongdongdsc_1116-893218272.jpg

If you talk about shopping Myeondong is the best place to visit in Seoul. They sell all kinds of things like make ups, shoes, bags, clothings ect. The place is full of tourists and locals. Lots of street foods as well. Here and there you can see cosmetics shops (some of them I know, some are new to me) and they actually sell much more cheaper than what you can find in your country. If you are on a tight budget you can visit in here. I was tempted to buy stuffs here but because I don’t want to bring in so many things with me I ended up buying Super Junior albums instead. Found a shop which sells old kpop albums and I can’t just stop myself of not buying for a souvenir. I forgot to mention, by the way I’m a huge Super Junior fan.




During my visit the rain is very heavy and I was trapped at my usual place. Starbucks cafe. Having cafe with a friend and waiting for the rain to stop.








I meet a friend in myeongdong and he bought me to a very nice place which serves as the best budae jjigae (army stew) that I’ve ever tasted.