Experience Taal

When me and my best friend packed our bags and endure a 2 hour ride from Manila to travel far south to explore and experience what people calls Taal lake and Taal Volcano.

A Breathtaking scenery is what awaits you on the top.



Taal Lake, with Volcano Island, Batangas Philippines






A glimpse of the North

I always wanted to know how it feels like standing over the line. But my curiosity was replaced by a sudden feeling of sadness. Seeing North Korea from afar is like seeing a bird wanted to fly away. Standing between freedom and suppression is like caught between nothing and impossible. Seems like the air sings a melancholic cries and tears. The wave of the oversized  flag looks like it wanted to get loose and break free. And the word freedom is like a million miles away.

I came to know that DMZ is one of the most dangerous place on earth,  but it turns out to be one of the loneliest places I’ve visited.

My DMZ Tour

15 July 2017

Tour guide: Lisa

A gloomy Saturday morning


Life’s trails


The sky is so deep blue. Another sign to follow. Another beginning need to uncover. The race is long, don’t turn back, don’t give up, if you fall just stand up and move on. The way looks narrow and unsure but in the end there’s always a perfect tempo waiting for you just follow your own path, follow your own trail and make every steps worthwhile.