Don't cage your feelings. Don't isolate yourself because you are in pain. Just because someone ignores you or you've been rejected. You have to spread your wings and learn to fly.

On walking away

One day  you're on the top of the world then the next thing is you will find yourself walking away from all the pains inside you. In the world where you can be alone and just sit and sip a cup of coffee and read an actual book. It's temporary but  a comfort.

One reckless heart

You said your heart is mine back then and I lose it. But the truth is, I wish it was. Your tongue speaks lies again. And I just keep quiet and told myself. How can I lose something that I don't own?

Better left

Somethings are better left unnoticed because it could create unpleasant effects if we would give our attentions to it. Some words are better left unexpressed because it could hurt other people even if it's true. Some feelings are better left unexpressed because we don't have the right to show and feel it. Some ways are … Continue reading Better left