On walking away


One day  you’re on the top of the world then the next thing is you will find yourself walking away from all the pains inside you. In the world where you can be alone and just sit and sip a cup of coffee and read an actual book. It’s temporary but  a comfort.

My unheard speech


Sometimes love never happens in order.

It just pops up.

In one snap you’ll just find yourself flooded with feelings.


Love is the first song you hear in the morning.

The soft blows of air on your face.

It could be a new shoelace for your old rugged pair of sneakers.

A wild flower that grows on the road.

The brightest star on the night sky.

Or your first day of your freshmen year.

Or a smell of a book.

Or a ringtone on your smart phone.

Or a percentage of alcohol in a beer.

Or a coin on your purse.

Love is no coincidence.

It’s fate.

Love is everything.

It could be anything.

It could be something you already have.

Love could also be

a cherry blossoms on spring.

A maple leaf during fall.

A snowflakes on winter

and a sunburn during summer.

Or it could also be a rain at any time of the day.

Love is timely.

It is never early nor late.

It arrives on its own time and chance.


Love is always like that.


Words that I never utter during my cousins wedding because I didn’t have the confident to deliver a speech.


The language of Seoul

I spent my few days in Seoul searching for an answer only to find out that there’s a lot more than having to seek for my “whys” in life. Seoul is a place where love can be felt in almost all places. It’s a place to love, be loved, to find love and to start a new life and even shares your own frustrations. Seoul is and will always be in which you can express your feelings, where you can say what you truly feels through songs, letters and poems. Starting from the streets, cafe, restaurants, buses, trains, historical places and even on walls and staircases.

I fall in love, I fall out of love in Seoul.