Seoul Sister

These two souls marked a decade or so. The strings that pulls. Untouchable. Unbreakable Same addiction, different satisfaction always differ from one another but respects each other faults. Laughing at each others mistakes and forgetting each others mess. Cheering for each others new tattoo. When one is cracking then the other just don't care if  still … Continue reading Seoul Sister

Are you okay, are we okay?

Between us there's nothing more to say. A silence is what we really need. A distance is a lot more better. Whenever we talk, there is misunderstanding. If we don't there will be confusion. and then the question will left hanging. Unanswered. Are you okay, are we okay?  


  Papers filled with so many memories left unseen, scattered everywhere wanted to be seen willing to share what it says. An image of a young lady all put together and created a story. Behind those brown eyes no more traces of lies. If only those stares speaks, those eyes so complete. Little did everyone … Continue reading Photographs