The streets of Haji Lane

Colourful and artsy walls, traditional buildings with a taste of classy windows, a narrow lane full of funky shops and bizarre cafes and a multicultural themed restaurants can be found in this small place in the heart of Singapore.

Haji Lane will always be the best place to visit if you want something to cool down your day.  Whenever I feel like sulking at home I would always go to this place get myself a cup of coffee and just spend the day watching people and take random photos.

Haji Lane
Singapore 189201

If it’s love


If it’s love we won’t call it a one night stand.

If it’s love I won’t be hurting this much.

If it’s love there will be spark whenever we kiss.

If it’s love I won’t feel any regrets.

If it’s love we will treasure every seconds, every minute, every moment, but then we never did.

If it’s love it’s worth the risks but then again in the end everything doesn’t make sense.

If it’s love I should have called you mine.

If it’s love everything will stay as it is and will never ever fade and die.


Bangkok, like no other.

It was Friday when I packed my bags and grab my camera and endured a 2 hour flight to Bangkok, Thailand. When I breathe Siams air it taste like experience. As soon as I step into their land I said to myself, this is the place that suits me well. Simple and very welcoming. In an instant Bangkok became my favorite city in the world.