Seoul Searching: Funny, Witty and with a taste of Modern Classic


I maybe VERY VERY VERY late for this review but honestly I never watched any thing like this. It’s about cultures, traditions and history. It’s a fun way of understanding others  and finding oneself. It’s about getting messed up and finding your way back. It’s about being young and in love, and all about finding one another despite indifferences.


Thank you and goodbye 2017


2017 Started with me having my last bottle of alcohol.

I got the worst pain ever and I found myself immune to all pain killers. I consumed tons and tons and tons. I felt like dying back then. I learned I got a tumor on me. I thought I was dying but I overcome my fear. The pain feels like a threat. But I fought it. I didn’t allow my pain interfere with my work. I worked hard despite the pain. I didn’t complain. I didn’t give up. I shed tears. I cried silently until I can no longer hold the pain and I think at some point I wan’t to give up. But I didn’t.

Last 2017 is the time that I truly understand my pain.

This post is better late than not having to say goodbye to 2017.