Thai Fried Rice

I step inside and seated.

The first thing I noticed

the place is empty

and I realized

it’s just you and me.

I flipped through the menu pages

of random dishes I never tasted.

I was about to try something else

but I just ordered fried rice instead.

I may look dumb there

because you reach out to me

and said something

instantly I replied “there’s no need”

when I didn’t even hear what you said.

Well,  that’s me.

When I look at you

you do look like someone

oh fuck I said to myself

I fall for that face

your black shirt

your black jeans

the way your jeans hangs on your hips

your sneakers

all really fits well

I keep staring at you

praying that you’re staring at me too

but my mind is just playing tricks

and my heart feels like thumping

dumb dumb dumb dumb

And then BAM!

I caught you’re looking

fuck again I said to myself.

then I stand and walk away

still with an untouched fried rice on my plate.

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