Life’s trails


The sky is so deep blue. Another sign to follow. Another beginning need to uncover. The race is long, don’t turn back, don’t give up, if you fall just stand up and move on. The way looks narrow and unsure but in the end there’s always a perfect tempo waiting for you just follow your own path, follow your own trail and make every steps worthwhile.

The pain that never goes away

When did it all started? I don’t know. How painful? If you rate it from 0-10, its excruciating, I’ll give 10. One day I would feel okay and live a normal day but sometimes when the pain strikes all you need to do is just to crawl on your bed and wait for the pain to heal. The pain that I felt is the pain inside me. Pain relief, yes there’s one. Forgiveness, but I never heard someone utter the word sorry. Then how can I forgive? How can I forget? I can cry but not today. Not for now. Will it helps? I doubt it. It feels like I wanted to break away from it but I can’t. I just can’t. Call me crazy, sure.

The pain. It’s real. They called it a heartache.