Just saying

Sometimes you just have to play dirty because most of the the time people don’t play fair. Never Hide. Learning is unending, It’s either you will learn or keep on learning. Life is so unfair and will never ever be fair no matter what. God doesn’t tell us what to do, But He provides hint. Don’t push yourself too hard, It will be very difficult for you to achieve what you want. Sometimes it’s not the shape of your heart that matters but how soft or hard it is. Cry. Laugh your heart out. Be strong. Keep your weaknesses to yourself and learn to overcome it. Put a smile on your face, Always. Time wont stop. There’s no turning back. The only way is to look forward. Keep your promises most especially the ones you make for yourself. Never let love become superficial. Tell your stories to no one. Learn from others instead. Change starts within yourself. Don’t ask. Don’t rush. There’s always a perfect time if it’s really meant for you. Always have time for growth and learning. Make mistakes as much as possible but make sure you’ll learn from it. Have 1-2 friends. Lesser friends means lesser stress, lesser vices and lesser complications. Help. It may not be through monetary value but prayers and service will do. Don’t go looking for trouble, but fight if you need to. Love but not more than what you can give yourself. Be selfish but be humble and reachable. Always make some for your self. Isolate yourself if things are too hard to handle. Be angry if you want to. Appreciate critics, They are designed to make you realize things. Never settle to things that are always available. Be choosy but choose wisely, there’s nothing wrong being one. Do things on your freewill. Never give advice. Just listen. Choose mind over heart, later on you’ll be thankful for that. Don’t count your money. It doesn’t make sense.

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