The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak

img-20160902-202111_orig (1)

One day I visited my favorite bookstore when my eyes captured the word “Forty Rules of Love” at that moment I told myself “hey, this is it”. I mean I don’t know about the story nor recognized the author but because of the word LOVE is one thing I’ve been looking for, for quiet sometime.

Love is something like a past tense to me. It’s like its been so long that I can no longer remember how it felt. That’s why all these years I’ve been looking for something or someone who could let me taste how to fall in love again and to remind myself that love still exist because honestly I’ve been losing it.

When I laid my eyes and hands on this book I never let it go. Not even when I finished reading it.

There are forty rules in this book as what the title says. Yes there are forty. But I won’t give you that forty rules. You have to read it. There are a lot of context in the book that applies to me and I think would apply to everyone else, I hope so.

One thing I learn about this book. I learn to let go.

This book will teach us things about Love.

Learning can only be achieved if we knew how to accept the truth.

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